Sparklea Nail Polish- Harry Potter Collection. Review.

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all had a lovely week. I’ve been full of cold and a terrible cough but I have enjoyed painting my nails lots with this beautiful polish collection.

Sparklea Nail Polish  <– Click for the website!

Sparklea Nail Polish is a lovely indie brand from the UK, created and run by Lea who is also very good at nail art herself. Her polishes are 5-free and cruelty free so you can apply and simply enjoy how good your nails look.

You really should go find and follow her on Facebook and instagram search for @Sparkleanailpolish.

FYI- She is currently working on a lovely new collection available on 21/02 this year. YAY!

Harry Potter Collection

There are 6 polishes in the collection:





Mirror Of Erised

Floo Powder

Aren’t they all gorgeous! For each one I have swatched and then done some nail art to help me review and show off my inner Harry Potter nerd!


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Gryffindor is a beautiful red polish that holds lots of gold shimmering flakies, really making this polish perfect for any proud Gryffindor out there. This polish could be a 1 coater if applied thickly.

I have then recreated the Gryffindor tie and used a pretty stamp with a gold polish to bring out the shimmer.


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This shimmering yellow is a stunner and really picks up the light. Those of you who are a Hufflepuff will love this polish it has a lovely shine. The small holo flakes makes it so pretty!

I have used a black to stamp a plaid pattern, which came out really well and really makes the yellow pop!


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Slytherin is a green polish with a shimmer from all the holo. It isn’t bold and in your face which I liken and this really is beautiful. Slytherins will be proud of it.

With Slytherin in mind I freehanded a silver snake slithering along my nails, I am super chuffed with how it came out. I think the silver really goes well with this green.


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As a proud Ravenclaw I was excited to use this polish and I wasn’t disappointed. This gorgeous blue is so pretty and as you can see from the macro shots full of holo beauty. The sparkles really make this polish extra special and with a good top coat the polish is nice and smooth.

I used a lovely hehe stamping plate (they have a full Harry Potter set so you can buy the one for your Hogwarts house) to get the Ravenclaw logo and then the lovely plaid pattern. The silver works well for Ravenclaw colours and highlights the shimmer.

Mirror Of Erised

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Well hello gorgeous! This is a wonderfully pretty polish. Its a silver holo with gold flakes and I adore it. I applied three coats and then a top coat for these, however I think if you used a sponge you could get away with two.

I really like the nail are here and I think it might be my favourite of them all. I used another hehe plate to stamp with black and then gold on top. These go together to pop and then match the golden touches in the polish already. On my thumb is Hogwarts castle, although I’m certain a more accomplished stamper would have picked out the design better.

Floo Powder

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The magical Flow Powder is my favourite polish from the collection. Look at all those different colour flakies. They make this playful polish really unique. I only needed one coat of this polish and then a top coat to even it out.

I stamped this fun Harry Potter stamp and couldn’t decide what colour to use so I tried a few, I think the white is my favourite, contrasting with those little black spots in the polish.



Each polish has it’s own charm and as a Harry Potter lover I felt that each one really suited it’s name. I spent a week using these and they really have been a joy to use. They are high quality polishes that have a good wear and, apart from Mirror Of Erised, can be applied in 1 coat. Also important, despite all the flakies and holo these polishes are fairly easy to remove and don’t need a really long soak to get off. Handy.

I highly recommend these polishes to anyone and thankfully Lea has confirmed she will be making these polishes again, with a few new ones too, so keep an eye on her social media.

These magical (yes I went there) polishes are well worth a look!

Much love and thanks,

Me x



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